Web Development – Definitions, terminology, abbreviations and acronyms

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Definitions, terminology, abbreviations and acronyms


archival pages: On-line data that is 1) not expected to change, and 2) no longer maintained. This data also may not be readily renderable by future tools.

body metadata: Elements in the body of an HTML document providing administrative and/or navigational facilities for the user or administrator.

cookie {XE “Cookie definition of”}: A quantity used to indicate or signal to a recipient of data, significant changes in the state of the entity supplying the data. Web sites may store/retrieve cookies from user client systems to maintain state information including identification of users and transaction coherency.16

Extranet: A set of Intranets connected for specific objectives, spanning multiple organizations.

Intranet: A managed network operating strictly within an organization. More than one Intranet may exist within an organization, these may be isolated.

managed network: A network or set of networks established and controlled by one or more organizations to meet specific organizational or business needs.

managed Web site: A site created and maintained based on organizational guidelines.

mirror site: A duplicate copy of a master site maintained on a different host typically to provide redundancy, higher performance, or local access.

persistent URI: A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is persistent if it is a reference that does not need to change at the link in a document, and can still reach the desired object even though that object may have changed locations.

subordinate Web site: A site contained within another Web site.

Web page: A digital multimedia object as delivered to a client system. A Web page may be generated dynamically from the server side, and may incorporate applets or other elements active on either the client or server side.

Web site: A collection of logically connected Web pages managed as a single entity. A Web site may contain one or more subordinate Web sites. (See Figure 1 for a representative architecture that is possible for a collection of Web pages within a Web site.)

well-engineered Web site: A Web site designed and implemented in accordance with the recommendations of IEEE Std 2001-2002.

Terminology This subclause describes terms used in a specific manner in this recommended practice. The descriptions are not intended as definitions, but rather as explanations of the special usage.

Rfield: The designation for a Web page segment presented within a well-engineered Web page, primarily for the human reader. Typically, the contents are not structured for machine interpretation.

Mfield: The designation for a Web page segment presented within a well-engineered Web page, in machine-readable format, which is not intended to be presented to the human reader.

RMfield: The designation for a Web page segment presented within a well-engineered Web page, structured for both machine interpretation and for presentation to the human reader

Abbreviations and acronyms

CSS Cascading Style Sheets CSS1

Cascading Style Sheets, level 1

CSS2 Cascading Style Sheets, level 2


DNS Domain Name Service

DOI Digital Object Identifier™

DTD Document Type Definition (for XML or SGML specifications)

GIF Graphics Interchange Format

HREF HTML reference designator

HTML HyperText Markup Language HTTP

HyperText Transfer Protocol

IBPwg Internet Best Practices Working Group

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force IP Internet Protocol

IPR Intellectual Property Rights ISBN International Standard Book Numbers

JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (image format)

NMG Network Motion Graphics PDA Personal Digital Assistant

PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection PNG Portable Network Graphics

RDF Resource Definition Framework

SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language SI Units International System of Units: the modern metric system

TCP Transport Control Protocol URI Uniform Resource Identifier

URL Uniform Resource Locator URN Universal Resource Name

UTC Coordinated Universal Time WAI Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C)

W3C World Wide Web Consortium

XHTML Extended HyperText Markup Language

XML Extensible Markup Language