Ben Cook
Title: “A Grizzly Bear Is Into Me! What Now?”

Description: While frolicking in the woods you see a grizzly bear. Should you run, play dead, tweet or fight? Here’s the 101 to avoid becoming bear scat.

Bio: Athletic, artistic and slightly neurotic. An almost perfect balance of right and left brain thinking – with just a pinch of snark.
Monica Dixon
Title: Operation Smile: A Life Changed Forever

Description: Follow a family through the process of being screened, operated on and going home. See how Operation Smile changes not only the life of the child operated on but the life of all those involved.

Bio: Speech langauge pathologist. I enjoy traveling the world, reading, cooking, being outdoors in any form and yes, cleaning.
Raichle Farrely
Title: What happens when you say “Yes” to the request of a village chief?

Description: Sometimes you read a book and think – I wish that would happen to me. And other times, you read a book and – well, it does happen to you. Four words: Three Cups of Tea.

Bio: Rai is a graduate student and activist whose life continues to surprise no one more than her. Motto: Do what you love or risk doing nothing.
Daniel Garfield
Title: History is the most amazing thing that people make boring.

Description: History is all about the human experience. Learn about the insane things humans have gone through and done and why you should study it.

Bio: Dan is a know-it-all futurist that likes to trap people and force them to hear about what he’s been learning lately. You have been warned.
  Sam Garfield
Title: Net Neutrality: Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Jeremy Hanks – Wes Lapioli
Title: Rock n Roll vs. Prince

Description: Two veritable Apostles of Rock will weave a story of how they defeated the artist formerly and currently known as Prince in an epic battle of Mind Blowing versus Lameness.

Bios: Jeremy is an apostle of rock; one called from on high to proselyte the good news and glory that is Rock n Roll through it’s magnificent mind blowing holy power.

Wes is an apostle of rock; a messenger and ambassador of the highest and holiest forms of face melting and spleen busting only derived from the miraculous glory of rock.
Seth Jenks
Title: Bedpans and Walkers, and Wheelchairs! Oh, my! Sub-title: A magical journey through entrepreneurship and assisted living.

Description: When I was 23 I started a business with my friend Dave. Little did I know that I’d end up in an assisted living home.

Bio: Seth Jenks is a Designer and entrepreneur. His latest projects include G5Leadership dot com and Fight the New Drug dot org. He likes clever marketing, clean design and good BBQ.
Robb Kunz
Title: I can talk to the Astronauts and so can you!

Description: There are more exciting ways to communicate with the World than just Facebook, Twitter & email!

Bio: Robb Kunz is an high-tech Entrepreneur, an Angel Investor in Software Startups, and a licensed amateur radio operator with the call sign of N0KGM
  Mark Mclellan
Title: Kicked Between the Tweets
Michael Orton
Title: The Basics of Underwater Hunting

Description: The LA Fathomiers are conservation-minded spearfishermen. Hunting 80+ feet, breathholding, is great training for a SL valley red air day.

Bio: In the run-up to the 08 election, Michael Orton worked on the Western Clean Energy Campaign. He works in media at Sundance and stuff.
David Richards
Title: Fermi Questions: How to Know What You Know

Description: Life’s complex, but when we know what’s going on, we contribute. Enrico Fermi taught us to approach the complex. See:

Bio: Rubyist, semweb enthusiast, machine learning geek. Hacking on fathom (decision support) and ruby_community (RDF demo).
Jared Stein
Title: Why Can’t My ID Skate?

Description: Instructional design is schooled by skateboarding’s self-organizing, DIY culture of individuality, adaptability, and informal learning.

Bio: 12+ years designing online learning. Director of UVU Innovation Center. Studying web reading behavior. Wore blue beanie before it was cool.
Erik Storheim
Title: Wasatch Pedicure

Description: Going for a run always clears my head, but running 100 miles distills my soul

Bio: Husband, Father, Dentist. Emergency Playlist: Thunderstruck, Que Onda Guero, Special Sauce, Proudest Monkey
Mitchell Wright
Title: Skynet Fights Back: Why Computers Will Own You At Video Games

Description: An analysis of how artificial intelligence is changing the game of Starcraft.

Bio: I study: Information Systems – I do: WordPress and SEO – I like: Ultimate frisbee and Starcraft – I hate: “We require more minerals” and meatloaf