Here’s what we’ve got planned for this round of Ignite Salt Lake.

Doors open at 7:00 pm

Surefire Pizza will be outside from 6:30 on, selling delicious wood-fired pies. Come grab a Margherita, Chicken Pesto, Pepperoni, or Salsiccia pizza for only $8!

We’ll be rocking a live version of on stage for the first half hour so grab a bite, find a good seat and do some mingling. We’ve also got lots of prizes including $300 in merchandise so you don’t want to be late!

Session1 (approx. 7:30 pm)
Robyn Garfield:
Here’s Looking at You Squid: How a Film Becomes an Icon
Most new movies stink. We’ll compare film making today to the way films were made 30-50 years ago and talk about why movie makers nowadays have lost the vision of what the industry should be.
Matthias Shapiro:
How Utah Liquor Laws Made Me a Better Human Being
When I became a new Utah resident, the Utah liquor laws were the final push off the edge that I needed to start brewing my own beer. This is how home brewing, in addition to being fun, taught me important things about life and mortality.

Jared Stein:
Why Can’t My Instructional Designer Skate?
Education is schooled by skateboarding’s self-organizing, DIY culture of individuality, adaptability, and informal learning.
Shawn Butler:
The 6th Legal Addiction
Do you ever feel an almost compulsive need to check your Facebook? Refresh your Twitter? Do you ever wonder why at the store, you’re a “customer,” but online, you’re a “user”? See how the science of operant conditioning is being used on you by Facebook, Farmville, and WOW.
Ken Olsen:
How a Backyard Garden Box Can End World Hunger
Square Foot Gardening is a non-profit foundation whose goal is to end world hunger. The foundation teaches classes and dedicate itself to help people become self sufficient!
Tamio Stehrenberger:
Money, Government Control, and the Happy-Go-Lucky Barter System
This ain’t your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather’s economic system. 
Mary Shepherd:
Bees, Not the Honey Kind…
There are roughly 3,500 (and another 400 to 500 unidentified in collections) species of bees in North America, all very important in the ecosystem to pollinate crops from almonds, alfalfa, fruit trees, to wild flower and rare plant species. There are 5 USDA bee labs in the U.S. and only one (conveniently located in UT) doesn’t work with honey bees, but rather works with all other bees. Would you like to know why/how they are important?
Jesse Harris:
Why Municipal Telecom Matters

Why the “free” market isn’t improving telecommunications and what municipal networks have done to fix it.
John Dilworth:
More Chaos
We all spend lots of time trying to organize everything about our lives. It turns out that perhaps what we really need and want in our lives is a bit more chaos.
The Ultimate Question: What is your Go-To Karaoke Song?
How you answer “The Ultimate Question” says a lot about you as a person. This presentation will help you make sure your answer says what you want it to say about you.

Ignite Karaoke

An Ignite style presentation on slides you’ve never seen before! Anyone can participate – just show up!

Session 2
Scott Lemon:
Evolution Beyond Us

Evolution has taken hold in society, but do we really understand what evolution is and means? Where does evolution lead?
Rachel Donner:
Space is Hard: #NASATweetup & the Future of the American Space Program
This presentation will give a brief overview of the NASA Tweetup and show how NASA is using social media to gain support for, and further the cause of manned spaceflight in the US.
Matthew Moore: The Surprising Significance of the Serial Comma Recently there has been an outcry over the alleged death of the serial comma. We’ll talk about its importance and how punctuation can kill.
Misty Fowler:
Your Social Security Number and Your Password Walk Into A Bar

With Black Hat hackers having made the news recently for stealing information from everyone from banks to government agencies, there are a few things that you can do to *help* keep your information, privacy and money out of a stranger’s grubby hands, along with how to create a password that doesn’t require a post-it note on your monitor to remember.

Parker Smith and Courtney Droz:
How to Create a Better Future for the Children of Haiti

Zion’s Children of Haiti is a non-profit organization supporting education for the children of Haiti. Our goal is to provide support – financial, technical and organizational – to Haitians as they seek to provide greater opportunities for their children.
Randall Bennett: A brief history of the future of video YouTube’s impact is undeniable. Camera prices are falling. User generated video is Comedy Central’s number one show. So what’s the future actually look like for video? We’ll take a look at what people thought the future was, and where we actually see things heading.
Tom Curtis: Unleashing Kaizen and Math to gain a 53rd Week each Year How small daily improvements can give us unrealized time opportunities
Dylan and Leah Higginbotham:
The Garage: More than just a car hole The garage is a perfect incubator for creating and is the engine of industry. If you want to build a business or simply express your artistic ability, you don’t need to look beyond the walls of your own home.