Theoretical and Practical Method of School-enterprise

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Theoretical and Practical Method of School-enterprise

Because of facing the pressure of competition and benefit, the companies require graduates to work as a prospective employee, the traditional educational mode that the schools undertake the task of education independently and cultivate the innovative engineering talents highlights its shortages; only if the college integrates with the enterprises, can the solution of the problem be found. Karthi Vidhyalaya ICSE School Kumbakonam At present, due to the technology security, fierce market competition and other factors, it is difficult for the college teachers and students to carry out practical activities in the enterprises. How to find the binding sites of school-enterprise cooperation and the method that can maintain the win-win mechanism sustainable development? After extensive research and careful consideration, the advanced textile mechanical and electromechanical center of research and development is set up, and responsibilities and obligations of both sides are stipulated: the college trains master of engineering and cultivates technicians for companies, declares the longitudinal projects together with the enterprisesˈsolves some technical problems of enterprises, and recommends for priority the outstanding undergraduate and graduate to the companies for two-way choice; the firms provide teachers and students practice bases for the school , participate school educational reform and formulation of the talents training programs, and provide some funds for scientific research. Through the operation of the center, it plays a role in the link, and realizes teachers and students of college zero-distance practice in the enterprises; the school comprehends the needs of companies in time, and adjusts the profession training programs and curriculum. At the same time, it also enhances the research capability of teachers, in particular young teachers’ ability to integrate theory with practice.

Establish “Advanced Textile Mechanical and Electromechanical Center of Research and Development

Since 2005, the center has signed the contracts with five state-owned enterprises in succession, and sets up “Tianjin Polytechnic University——Qingdao Hongda Advanced Textile Mechanical and Electromechanical Center of Research and Development”, “Tianjin Polytechnic University——Tianjin Hongda Advanced Textile Mechanical and Electromechanical Center of Research and Development” and so on. The college and enterprises cooperate in all-round areas such as research cooperation, academic exchanges, talents training and practice base construction and so on. Both sides dispatch representatives, and set up” Work Guidance Committee” organization, which includes director, standing deputy director, secretary-general and group members and is primarily responsible for implementing cooperation programs. The followings are the main content: Technical Cooperation and New Product Development The enterprises provide college the equipments as the experimental apparatus by means of cost price or donate, and the college goes on the process test to the equipments provided, provide test data and analytical observations and propose innovative designs and theoretical models and so on; The advanced school equipments are used to do some testing jobs for the enterprises; according to enterprise product development plans, the key technology issues about products are posed every year, and school is responsible for research; the both sides declare the national project commonly. Personnel Training and Practice Base Construction Undergraduate, engineering Masters, business technology backbone are directionally trained by school for enterprises and specific number is negotiated by the both sides every year; the outstanding undergraduate and master’s graduate are recommended for enterprises, and the companies can choose the better; students practice bases are provided for schools by business, Machinery Manufacturing Technology, major course design, graduation design, internship program and design subject name in the corporations are mapped out by the committee. The students can choose the design subject of work units to be candidate, and school and enterprise guide graduation design jointly. Carry on Major Construction and Curriculum Development Together Committee participates to formulate school personnel training program, and request set of the major courses. Some of the specialized courses are taught by the business experts, and major construction and teaching reform are carried on together, so the teaching content become more advanced and practical. Through the establishment of “Advanced Textile Mechanical and Electromechanical Center of Research and Development “, the integration point of school-enterprise cooperation is found, and school-enterprise cooperation win-win mechanism for sustainable development is really established.

Since Textile Machinery Design is reformedˈmore than 4 years have passed, and it is proved that reformation wins the initial success. Trained students are welcome in the community. These achievements are easy to be seen from the 95% employment rate of our major for 2007 and 2008 consecutive two years. The research interest group composed of some students take part in the research projects of “advanced textile mechanical and electromechanical Center of Research and Development “, and the students’ practical ability and innovation ability is cultivated. Successful reform of our major play the role of a model for the other two majors—- Industrial Design and Control Technology in our school, the both majors also get experience from us to carry out the reform. At present, the kind of reform experience has been promoted in Tianjin Polytechnic University. Due to the characteristics and social impact of “Advanced Textile Mechanical and Electromechanical Center of Research and Development”, it plays a supporting role in successfully declaring Tianjin “11th Five-Year” Key Subject in 2006, and successfully declaring “Tianjin Key Laboratory of Modern Mechanical and Electrical Equipment” in 2007. Therefore, “as a link to advanced textile mechanical and electromechanical center of research and development school-enterprise cooperation and training innovative engineering talents” has a good role of model.