increase student knowledge from International School level of Education

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increase student knowledge from International School level of Education

One of the recognized means for improving the readiness of cbse school students for STEM-related careers is outreach to high school programs. The newly created at Texas State University – San Marcos has partnered with the Alliance and Project Lead The Way (PLTW) to create an opportunity for high school students to receive college credit in engineering disciplines for a set of advanced high school STEM courses.

Many previous STEM-related high school outreach efforts have centered on skills in mathematics and the basic sciences. Less early emphasis on engineering skills is not surprising since most engineering skills require strong mathematics and science skills as prerequisites. This paper identifies a set of skills common to many engineering disciplines which can be taught contemporaneously with high school mathematics and science courses. This paper also describes a set of courses for cbse school skills. School in Kumbakonam


Several excellent programs have been initiated to create high school curricula with content. One such program is Project Lead The Way (PLTW) which offers several courses with engineering content to high school students. PLTW has created a curriculum and manages its adoption through a strict program of certification both for individual instructors and schools that wish to participate in PLTW programs. The Education Equals Economics Alliance is a local non-profit organization dedicated to systemic education change in Central Texas. uses research, community engagement, and institutional alignment to foster such systemic change and operates as a catalyst for the region. The E3 Alliance, supported in part by National Science Foundation award EEC-0835961, “Central Texas Engineering Education Collaborative” facilitates interaction between cbse schools, international schools, Matriculation schools for building STEM education collaborations.