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The process of website design is divided by five phases: demands investigating, technical analyzing, webpage planning, website design and website improving. As shown in Figure 1, there are several parts members to participate in every phase. The biggest problem is communication, such as the communication between the design team and the customers, the communication between designers and users, the communication among customers, the communication between users and customers.

The common ways of communication are email, chat tools, telephones, fax and meeting. These ways can not ensure the timeliness and accuracy of communication in such cases as lost email, offline QQ, telephone barrier, fax data limitation, high cost of meeting cycle. The maximum disadvantage of these communication ways is that two parts are split into opposite regions and are formed a kind of “hostility” which will be bound to the conflicts of suggestion and communication between the customers and the team, also among the team members.

Thus the design work becomes a repetitive manual work. Even after the website is online, it needs to be modified constantly. Therefore, the design cycle is extended and the cost is raised. If there is a way to make the customers and the design team coordinates with each other during the website design process, the communication will be improved. The customers will experience the website effect at the first time. The design team will feedback the customers’ suggestion at top speed. The customers will completely know the progress of the website design.

The design team attracts the customers close to the team member to make half the work and gain double the result. As all the contents are recorded online and are authorized to browse, the “communication break” caused by the personnel changes will be eliminated.


According to the framework of Web design pattern in the website design company, the employees in different position correspond to different levels of authorities. General Manager leveled A can access all the information. Project manager leveled B can only browse the project information which he is responsible for. Designer leveled C can only read his running project tabs and authorized project reports. Customer leveled D can only get the project periodic report information. Project manager distributes the authorities to every project participator and sends the login account and password to relative person by email or information management module.