CBSE school syllabus plans teaching to students

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CBSE school syllabus plans teaching to students

According to the results of syllabus adjustment of senior vocational high school made by the competent education authorities of the study conducts a general question survey and analysis of the in-service teachers teaching International High schools of the whole Taiwan in order to understand the difference in basic personal particulars of the in-service teachers, implementation situation of the existing curriculum, appropriateness of the graduated and appropriateness of the syllabus after adjustment. The research results of the study show that the Civil Engineering teachers highly recognize the syllabus after adjustment. But during implementation of the adjusted syllabus, there will be the problems of insufficient teachers and inadequate practical experience of the existing teachers .International School in Kumbakonam


1.Basic personal particulars: The variables include sex,age,seniority, highest education level, graduation department,current post, location of school,background of professional practice and seniority of industrial service.

2.Implementation situation of the existing curriculum: There are 10 questions covering 3 areas, namely “courses for higher education entrance examination,” “curriculum articulation” and “technique and skill test.”

3. New syllabus-based curriculum planning of school: There are 14 questions relating to internship course,demand of destinations, curriculum articulation planning of universities of science and technology.

4. Teacher’s inexperience in the workplace is disadvantageous to the new syllabus that emphasizes teaching of practices and curriculum arrangement. Therefore, over recognition of expertise credits of teachers, teacher cultivation institutions have to increase professional practice credits and industrial internship credits.